GGSPL – Business Operations

GGSPL – LNG Tradding – Shipping – Risk Management

GGSPL – Business Activities

GGSPL engages primarily in the following activities:


LNG Trading




Our LNG trading activities proposes to focus on serving the LNG needs of customers in the Far East, Central Asia and South America apart from catering to the requirements of South Asian and Indian markets. The range of services proposes to be offered by us include:

  • Spot purchase and global market coverage
  • Purchasing via short-term and mid-term contracts
  • Swapping of LNG cargoes to optimize infrastructure requirements and for portfolio balancing



Risk Management



GGSPL – LNG Risk Management

We also propose to provide risk management solutions (subject to regulatory clearances) for our clients. This includes:

  • Transacting in financial markets for hedging short-term and mid-term exposures
  • Structuring and purchasing futures, options, other vanilla derivative contracts and swaps in various energy markets



LNG Shipping




We propose to charter LNG vessels to support our LNG trading activities and shall also be involved in wide range of shipping related activities:

  • Consortium ownership / JV companies and Fleet Management for GAIL’s shipping requirements
  • Chartering vessels for FOB spot deals
  • Entering into charter agreements to support mid-term and long-term LNG trading deals