new-partnership-opportunities-inGGSPL is open to partnership opportunities in the following areas:

LNG Trading


Our LNG trading activities proposes to focus on serving the LNG needs of customers in Far East, Central Asia and South America apart from catering to the requirements of South Asian and Indian markets. The range of services proposes to be offered by us include:

  • Spot cargo sourcing for GAIL
  • Spot cargo trading for 3rd parties
  • Short / Mid Term supply contract on FOB basis
  • Trading of GAIL’s US LNG portfolio (starting 2018)



GAIL & GGSPL are working to develop a robust shipping and other infrastructure, which should enable us to successfully take up

  • Optimization of shipping infrastructure
    • Sharing of excess shipping capacity to optimize ship utilization
    • Swap of LNG volumes to reduce shipping costs
  • Potential collaboration on storage (natural gas & LNG)

South Asian Gas Market


Access to growth opportunities and a vibrant network within the natural gas markets leveraging GGSPL’s in-depth understanding of Indian and other South Asian natural gas markets.