In its normal course of business, GGSPL may be exposed to a significant amount of risk arising from multiple sources, including the inherent volatility of the LNG marketplace. In cognizance of the same, GGSPL board has approved a robust risk management policy which applies to all LNG trading related activities. Our policy framework comprises a consistent set of principles and beliefs that govern the actions, attitudes and decisions that our team makes on a daily basis. It identifies the holistic set of risks faced by us in our LNG Trading activities and defines ways of measuring these risks and the appropriate methods of mitigating these risks. A clear, well-defined governance framework has been detailed to ensure adherence of trading activities to the risk management policy. This governance framework is being complemented by an organization structure which shall clearly delineate commercial decision making from risk control activities. Periodic reports shall be used to monitor commercial decisions taken by the trading team for compliance with the policy. Our trading code of conduct communicates the high standards of technical expertise and ethical conduct that GGSPL expects its LNG Trading staff to conform to.